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Mr. Sunil Arjandas Gangwani

Myself Sunil Arjandas Gangwani, welcomes you to the happy and peaceful retirement world. I am very happy and would like to thank you for giving your valuable time for securing your life as well as your family. As an Insurance and Financial Agent, I always ensure that I can able to keep you and your family always protected from future risk. I started my career as Insurance and Financial Consultant from 2001 having 15 years of vast experience in this field. Your search of looking complete Financial Advisor from Kolkata, City of Joy ends here.

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Should I opt for health top-ups in my 40s?

Your health insurance premium increases, especially if the sum covered is large and you have certain medical conditions.

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Life insurance: Lapsed policy? Beware of hoax calls

It is better to revive a lapsed policy rather than buying a new one

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Not Knowing Insurance Sub-Limits Can Come As A Rude Shock

Before opting for a health policy, individuals should go through the entire specifications of the product, including the coverage, exclusions, waiting periods, and sub-limits, if any, along with the premiums, and opt for a product only after evaluating their requirements.

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Everything that you ever need to know about Health Insurance

Health Insurance, often known as medical insurance, covers medical expenses that arise due to an illness, injury and/or accident.

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